Friday, June 3, 2011

Food packaging system uses multiple cameras

Based in Taastrup, Denmark, Superfos a/s is Europe’s largest manufacturer of injection-molded plastic packaging, supplying packaging for food, non-food and healthcare markets. To ensure quality assurance of their products, Superfos partnered with TriVision a/s,, to implement a machine vision inspection system on their Randers, Denmark production lines for butter and dairy products. TriVision’s Packaging Inspector can detect defects such as overmolding in injection-molded plastic containers and check printed labels. For the inspection of square butter boxes, TriVision selected Stingray F-046B cameras from Allied Vision to control material defects. Two cameras are positioned below a conveyor belt and inspect the inside surface of the box as it passes above them. Simultaneously, an AVT Stingray F-201B inspects the printed artwork from above to check the correct position of the label and barcode, etc. Round cream cups are checked using a combination of Stingray F-146B and Marlin F-145C cameras. The Stingray F-146B camera inspects the inside surface of the cup as it passes below it on a conveyor belt, while a lateral Marlin F-145C camera checks the presence of the label on the outside surface. For more information, click HERE.

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